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Next Steps in Public Safety Realignment Planning - Next Planning Session May 12 | Community

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Next Steps in Public Safety Realignment Planning - Next Planning Session May 12
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Next Steps in Public Safety Realignment Planning - Next Planning Session May 12

In 2011, in an effort to reduce state prison overcrowding, Assembly Bill 109 (Public Safety Realignment) was enacted placing supervision and incarceration responsibilities for non-serious, non-sexual and non-violent offenders with local county criminal justice systems.  To aid Yolo County in strengthening its related planning efforts, the Crime and Justice Institute was engaged to develop an assessment and assist the county’s criminal justice partners in a strategic planning process.

The institute conducted internal strategic planning sessions with the Community Corrections Partnership (the governing body responsible for making public safety realignment implementation recommendations to the Board of Supervisors) to develop a mission, goals and objectives to provide structure to Yolo County law enforcement operations.  For background on planning to date, visit: http://www.yolocounty.org/home/showdocument?id=25457.  The Board of Supervisors expanded the process with outreach and planning meetings, held recently in Yolo County’s four cities, to identify community priorities for consideration in further development of criminal justice system objectives.

During these meetings, Yolo County Chief Probation Officer Brent Cardall led the discussion by explaining the obstacles faced in the first couple of years of AB 109 implementation (i.e. a full jail, expanded community offender supervision responsibilities, etc.), programming put in place to manage anticipated impacts and highlights of successes to date.  District Attorney Jeff Reisig articulated the current planning process and walked each audience through the mission, principles and goals.  Then, each community’s Police Chief presented local crime data from last year to present.  The meetings culminated in breakout sessions where participants worked with law enforcement leaders on developing strategies to support meeting the five goals identified by the Community Corrections Partnership.

“The workshops yielded comments and suggested strategies that demonstrated a level of involvement and understanding by the public of the complexity of maintaining and supporting public safety,” said Yolo County Chief Probation Officer Brent Cardall.  “We encourage continued community involvement as we grapple with the impacts and opportunities of public safety realignment.”

The Community Corrections Partnership will review the products of these recent workshops in a Crime and Justice Institute-facilitated planning session on May 12, 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  This public meeting will be held in the Atrium Training Room (bottom floor) of the County Administration Building at 625 Court Street in Woodland.

Community, Crime, Events

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