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Building Inspection Division High Rating Results in Lower Insurance Rates | Business

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Building Inspection Division High Rating Results in Lower Insurance Rates

This summer, the Building Inspection Services Division of the Yolo County Planning & Public Works Department was surveyed by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule.  The survey resulted in a Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification of 2 – a high rating – for its commercial and residential properties codes and inspections. 

ISO is an insurer-supported organization charged with providing advisory insurance underwriting and rating information to insurers.  ISO has evaluated over 7,000 building departments across the United States.  The Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule assesses building codes in effect in a jurisdiction and how the jurisdiction enforces those codes, with special emphasis on mitigation of losses from natural hazards.  The assessment evaluates the administrative support for code enforcement within the jurisdiction; adopted building codes and the modifications of those codes through ordinance; code enforcement qualifications, experience and education; zoning provisions; contractor licensing requirements; public awareness and training programs; the building department’s participation in code development activities; and administrative policies and procedures.

ISO’s Building Code Effectiveness Grading classification scale ranges from 1 to 10, with a rating of 1 considered excellent and 10 representing “less than the minimum” recognized protection.  There are over 600 building departments in California, of which only 68 recently assessed received a Class 2 rating.  Only two received a Class 1 rating. 

“With a Class 2 rating, ISO will now apply credits to new construction in Yolo County issued a Certificate of Occupancy in 2012,” said Yolo County Chief Building Official Lonell Butler.  “Ultimately, this will result in decreased insurance rates for our homeowners.”

For more information on how Building Code Effectiveness Classifications affects insurance pricing visit: http://www.isomitigation.com/bcegs/0000/bcegs0004.html.

“This is like getting an ‘A’ for our program and for the community,” said Yolo County Department of Planning & Public Works Director John Bencomo.  “The rating reflects the excellent building inspection staff we have, and the commitment of the Board of Supervisors to safely and soundly build our Yolo County communities.”

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