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Photo Gallery | News10 My Neighborhood "Kids Reading to Pets" Sweepstakes Contest

Studies have shown that reading to dogs (pets) can help children improve their reading skills.  By providing a safe, comfortable setting, kids can overcome the feeling of embarrassment, which is one of the obstacles to learing how to read.   

News10's Reading Connects campaign is all about helping kids become literate.

With that in mind, My Neighborhood has launched this contest.

How do you participate?

Just send us a photo or video of your children reading to a pet.  We'll post it in this photo gallery, or if it's a video, we'll post it as an article.  Then, we'll add your name to our random drawing to win a dog-friendly gift.

Send your photo or video to writer@news10.net . The sweepstakes contest runs until May 31.

Click HERE to view official contest rules.

**If you'd like to become a News10 My Neighborhood Community Content Contributor, let us know by emailing us at writer@news10.net   It's a great way to get your message out while benefiting your community.



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