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Early Bloom in the Rose Garden

Early Bloom in the Rose Garden

Join our volunteers for a walk through our award-winning Historic Rose Garden. Enjoy some of the Historic City Cemetery’s most beautiful and rare roses abloom in the early spring.  Park across the street from the cemetery and assemble in the front parking lot.  The tour is free; however donations are appreciated and are used for our ongoing preservation of the garden.  For more information call 916.264-7839 or 916.448.0811.

“Early Bloom in the Rose Garden”

Historic City Cemetery

1000 Broadway Sacramento

Saturday, March 31, 2012, 10AM

Southport Levee Presentation

Southport Levee Presentation

West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (WSAFCA) has completed analyses needed to compare project alternatives that would correct known deficiencies in the six-mile stretch of the Southport Sacramento River levee and will recommend a preferred alternative to the WSAFCA Board of Directors on Thursday, March 8 at 10:30 a.m. at the WS City Hall Council Chambers. With an identified preferred alternative, additional analysis will be specifically focused on detailing the effects of the alternative on private property, the environment and community, and determining how best to minimize and mitigate those impacts. Questions? Please email westsacfloodprotection@gmail.com or call Flood Protection Manager Michael Bessette at (916) 617-4850. View additional information here: CityIlights.

Sacramento Tree Foundation suggests the perfect Valentine's gift for your friends and family

Sacramento Tree Foundation suggests the perfect Valentine's gift for your friends and family

Everyone needs a tree to love

Give your friends, family, and loved ones living in Sacramento County the gift of shade, beauty, and enhanced well-being.

Tell them about the Sacramento Shade Tree Program so that they too can take advantage of the FREE energy savings shade tree program sponsored by the

Energy Savings Workshops Offered in February

Energy Savings Workshops Offered in February

(Woodland, CA) – In February, the Yolo County Library and Woodland Public Library are sponsoring workshops to assist residents with energy savings in their homes.  Participants will learn about how much electricity their households appliances really use, Pacific Gas & Electric’s home energy programs and various rebates and incentives.  Workshops have been scheduled in each corner of Yolo County as follows:


February 2, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Winters Community Library

708 Railroad Avenue in Winters


February 9, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Veterans Memorial Center

203 E. 14th Street in Davis


February 15, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Woodland Public Library

250 First Street in Woodland


February 23, 7:00 - 8:30pm

Arthur F.

Beautiful Plant is Both Poisonous And Invasive

Beautiful Plant is Both Poisonous And Invasive

California is dealing with a beautiful but invasive and poisonous invader called the Rattlebox Plant (also known as Red Sesbania or Scarlet Wisteria), scientific name Sesbania punicea.  According to a publication of the California Invasive Plant Council this plant is a native of South America and because of its profuse red flowers was introduced as a garden plant in California prior to 1930.  It was first documented in riparian vegetation in 1987.  Since then it has spread rapidly along the American and San Joaquin Rivers.  This weed is known to thrive in 13 counties up and down the state of California and is a problem in several southern states.

In a pamphlet published by the Sacramento Weed Warriors reasons for this weed being a problem are listed as follows: 

  1. Sesbania is rapidly forming dense stands along rivers & creeks in the Sacramento region.  Sesbania clusters are often so th