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Community Feedback Sought on Community Choice Aggregation
Community Feedback Sought on Community Choice Aggregation

Yolo County is seeking community feedback on Community Choice Aggregation (also known as Community Choice Energy) for the unincorporated areas of the county.  Residents and business can complete a survey and find more information at: www.yolocounty.org/CCA.

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows local governments to pool the electricity demands of their communities, purchase power with higher renewable content, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reinvest in local infrastructure.  In Yolo County, a CCA would be a partnership between a local jurisdiction(s) and PG&E to enable the jurisdiction to select the source of electricity used in its homes and businesses (specifically the percentage provided by renewable sources) and at what cost to ratepayers.  PG&E would continue to transmit and distribute the electricity, and handle billing, repairs and other functions.  If a jurisdiction develops a CCA, residents are not required to participate and may “opt out” at any time, returning to the standard electricity sources provided by PG&E.

The benefits of Community Choice Aggregation include:

Customer Choice: CCAs introduce competition into the marketplace, providing ratepayers a choice about the level of renewables they wish to support.

Sustainability: Formation of a CCA allow communities to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from fossil-based energy generation.

Community Accountability: CCAs are municipal, non-profit organizations accountable to the communities they serve.  Surplus funds are reinvested into the community to develop local energy programs, renewable energy projects and to create local jobs.

Economics: Existing CCAs around California (MCE Clean Energy, Sonoma Clean Power and Lancaster Choice Energy) have been able to offer higher renewable energy content at competitive or lower cost rates than existing utilities.

Yolo County has partnered with the City of Davis to explore the feasibility and value of CCA for their communities.  The Board of Supervisors is in the process of reviewing the results of related studies, considering whether to proceed with formation of CCA and the benefit of partnering with another jurisdiction.  To provide input into the process, and for more information on Community Choice Aggregation, visit: www.yolocounty.org/CCA.


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