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Safety advice for when a stranger knocks at your door

There's an unexpected knock from a stranger at the front door. What to do?

1. Be cautious when opening the door. Do not blindly open the door to see who it is or what it is that they want.

2. Ignore the knock on the door . You may want to go about your normal business and NOT pretend that you are not home, but instead continue to do what you were doing, or even make some noise or turn on a light so that the person knows that someone IS home (possibly avoiding a burglary).

3. Look out a window first to see who it is - Avoid looking out a door window, but instead go and look through another window away from the door if possible. If you don't recognize them, you could shout through the door and ask what they want, or you could choose to ignore them.

4. Set the door chain. Be sure that your door chain is set well with LONG screws into the door frame to help resist a "push in." Crack open the door to speak to the person through the gap.

Victim: West Sac cop threatened her with jail

WEST SACRAMENTO - A West Sacramento police officer is behind bars and his bail set at $26.3 million for allegedly abusing his badge on the job. One woman claimed he threatened to take her to jail if she didn't perform sexual acts on him.

Officer Sergio Alvarez was accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping at least six women. Police say most of the victims were assaulted in the West Capitol Avenue area.

STORY: West Sac police officer accused of sexually assaulting 6 women

A 29-year-old woman who did not want to be identified claimed she was a victim of Alvarez. She said the officer stopped her twice last year and each time, threatened her.

Los Angeles Dodgers infielder arrested in West Sacramento

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - Los Angeles Dodgers inflielder Justin Sellers was arrested in West Sacramento Saturday afternoon and police say it's not their first encounter with him.

At about 2 p.m. today police received a call of a reckless driver on a dirt bike motorcycle who was traveling at a high rate of speed in the area of South River Rd. and Jefferson Blvd.

Officers quickly set up a perimeter because the driver fit a description of someone they had chased multiple times in the past and was known to get away from officers by traveling off road on the dirt bike.

The rider, who has been identified by police as Sellers, surrendered to officers and was taken into custody.

Staying safe on New Year's Eve

SACRAMENTO, CA - Ensuring a safe and secure New Year's Eve can be as simple as following a few simple precautions.

"Keep your stuff close to you. I mean, that's the most important thing and be aware of what's happening around you," said Chris McSwain, Executive Director of the Old Sacramento Business Association.

Thousands will be crowding into Old Sacramento on New Years Eve to watch fireworks at 9 p.m. and midnight.

"I think people are safer in a crowd than they are by themselves and we have great crowds down here," said McSwain, who pointed out the relative safety and lack of crime over the last 12 years of the fireworks display.

Some tourists and visitors to Old Sacramento Sunday evening admitted the recent shootings in Portland and Newtown, Connecticut have put them on edge.

"I'm more aware of my surroundings, you know, how people are, if I notice anything strange," said Tami Hawck of Sacramento.

Care packages for troops overseas stolen

SACRAMENTO, CA - Nearly 120 care packages ready to be shipped to Afghanistan were stolen just one week before Christmas.

Move America Forward has been collecting and shipping items to military members overseas for years, but this year, more than 100 soldiers won't be getting their box in time for Christmas.

Move America Forward Outreach Coordinator Scott Raab said thieves broke into a trailer storing the boxes Sunday night, between 20 to 25 boxes stuffed with 120 care packages were taken, which were worth about $5,000.

"We really hope that [the thieves are] going to come to their senses," Raab said.

The care packages included personalized cards written by elementary school students for the troops abroad, as well as food and other items.

Barbara Florian, who has been volunteering with Move America Forward for six years, said she is upset, but she has hope whoever is responsible will do the right thing.