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Trauma-Informed System of Care

Trauma-Informed System of Care

In February, Yolo County’s Positive Youth Justice: Yolo Youth In Focus Collaboration hosted four free training sessions on Trauma-Informed Care for Youth for nearly 200 community members who work with youth.  Seeking Safety/Treatment Innovations conducted the trainings for participants from a variety law and justice, child welfare, treatment and youth serving departments and agencies, as well as court and school officials.  This training was provided under the Positive Youth Justice Initiative planning grant, which was directly funded by Sierra Health Foundation.

Public Defender’s March 14 Event Offers Legal Services and Information

Public Defender’s March 14 Event Offers Legal Services and Information

The Yolo County Public Defender’s Record Mitigation and Community Reintegration Clinic will host a half-day event to help rehabilitated offenders clean up their criminal records and to provide information about available community and government resources.  The event will occur on Friday, March 14, 1:00-5:00 p.m. in the Atrium of the Yolo County Administration Building, located at 625 Court Street in Woodland. 

Individuals with criminal convictions face significant roadblocks to full reintegration into society, such as restricted opportunities for employment and denial of access to social services like public housing and benefits.  However, under California law, rehabilitated offenders can petition the court for various forms of relief including dismissals of former convictions (also known as “expungements”) and reduction of certain felony convictions to misdemeanors. 

Yolo County Sheriff’s Office Launches NIXLE Community Information Service

Sheriff Ed Prieto is pleased to announce the implementation of a new communications service (NIXLE) that allows the Sheriff’s Office to send important, valuable community information directly to residents who subscribe to the FREE service.

Using NIXLE, the Sheriff’s Office can create and publish messages which can be delivered to registered residents instantly via cell phone text message and/or email. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle’s web site at www.nixle.com. Messages may include important advisories, missing person alerts, real time emergency information, suspect descriptions, as well as other relevant safety and community event information.

Yolo County Day Reporting Center Hosts Inaugural Graduation Nov. 19

Many former offenders struggle to find success because the transition to life after incarceration is difficult.  There are a variety of challenges, such as a lack of job training, lack of a high school diploma or equivalent, and the absence of valuable life skills.  The Yolo County Day Reporting Center, which opened in February 2013, provides vocational training and life skills programs designed to provide former inmates and offenders the skills needed to find and keep a job.  On November 19, noon to 2:00 p.m., the inaugural class of the Yolo County Day Reporting Center will be honored for successfully meeting many of these challenges and completing the core components of the transition program.  Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto will be the keynote speaker during the graduation which will take place at the Yolo County Office of Education Conference Center located at 1280 Santa Anita Court in Woodland.

Seeking Members for Yolo County Juvenile Community Review Board

The Yolo County Probation Department is seeking board members for a new Juvenile Community Review Board scheduled to be implemented in early November.  The goal of a Juvenile Community Review Board will be to divert low level youth offenders from the juvenile justice system by making available a wide array of community-based alternatives to these youth offenders and their families, with the ultimate objective of preventing repeat offenses. 

“While the Juvenile Community Review Board is an accountability-based program, it will also focus on the strengths and individualized needs of our youth, utilizing community and family involvement,” said Yolo County Chief Probation Officer Brent Cardall.

Public Defender’s Office & UCD Law School Partner to Help Rehabilitated Offenders Clean Up Records

Yolo County Public Defender Tracie Olson announces the launch of the Record Mitigation and Community Reintegration Clinic.  The result of a collaboration between the Public Defender’s Office and the University of California, Davis, School of Law, the clinic will help rehabilitated offenders clean up their criminal records to remove barriers to economic stability and avoid recidivism. 

“Individuals with criminal convictions face significant roadblocks to full reintegration into society,” said Yolo County Public Defender Tracie Olson.  “Long after probation has ended or a jail term served, the presence of a conviction acts to reduce access to affordable housing, public benefits and student loans, and to severely diminish employment, among other hurdles.  Compounded by the social stigma attached to a criminal record, these collateral consequences threaten to impose a lifetime of disadvantage on ex-offenders.”

Reporting fraud in West Sac

Reporting fraud in West Sac

Yolo County has a newly established toll free fraud reporting Hot Line: (855)-4-YOLO DA, said Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig in a press release.

July is Fraud Awareness Month, he said, but year 'round, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office investigates and prosecutes fraudulent activity.

Units within the DA's Office dedicated to the pursuit of con artist include the Workers Compensation Unit, Reisig said. "Together with the State Department of Insurance, the unit protects honest businesses against unscrupulous individuals as well as businesses who either do not have the needed insurance to protect
their workers or who submit false claims for services," he explained.

Another example is the Consumer Fraud Unit, a part of the Consumer Fraud and Environmental Crimes Division, Reisig said. The unit tries to level the playing field for all businesses by ensuring that Yolo County consumers get the goods and services that they've paid for.