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CA. Attorney General pushes anti-meth bills | Crime

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CA. Attorney General pushes anti-meth bills
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CA. Attorney General pushes anti-meth bills

"California is at the center of the methamphetamine epidemic. It ranks first in the amount of illegal meth produced," said California Attorney General Kamala Harris in a press release. "It has more 'super labs' capable of making more than 10 pounds of meth in a single day than all the other 49 states combined. Labs in California and Mexico operated by international drug cartels supply about 80 percent of the meth consumed in the United States."

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig, in pressing for a gang injunction that imposes a curfew and other restrictions in a 'Safety Zone' encompassing, roughly, West Sac's Bryte and Broderick neighborhoods, said that the Broderick Boys gang, an offshoot of the Nortenos prison gang, is deeply involved in making and peddling meth. A police source said that with the imposition of the gang injunction, much of the gang's drug involvement has now moved to Woodland.

Until recently, YONET (Yolo Narcotic Enforcement Team) investigations showed West Sac to be the meth capital of Yolo County.

Harris testified April 26 in a state Senate committee in support of a pair of bills that she said would help her fight transnational gangs that "are fueled by gun violence and the drug trade."

One of the bills, SB 819, would dedicate funding to a unique California program that confiscates firearms from people legally barred from possessing them, including convicted felons and persons determined to be mentally unstable, Harris said. The state Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms estimates there are 18,615 armed prohibited persons possessing 34,708 handguns and 1,579 assault weapons in the state.

The second bill, SB 315, would make products containing pseudoephedrine -- a key ingredient in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine -- available only by prescription.  

Harris said that after Oregon passed legislation in 2006 requiring a prescription to purchase pseudoephedrine, the number of meth labs there dropped from 400 to 12.

"For legitimate consumers, making pseudoephedrine available only by prescription is no great loss," said Harris."The drug is an active ingredient in only 14 products, and there are at least 136 other over-the-counter products that treat cold and allergy symptoms. ... These bills will help law enforcement take guns and drugs out of the hands of gang members. This is a key step in moving toward a smart on gang crime policy."

If you suspect drug activity is taking place in your neighborhood or would like to learn how to recognize drug activity, call YONET in Woodland at (530) 666-3373.

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