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E15M Rio Americana Photo will remain in these parents' hearts! | Community

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E15M Rio Americana Photo will remain in these parents' hearts!
Community, Family, Life
E15M Rio Americana Photo will remain in these parents' hearts!

The one photo which was delayed in getting posted to E15M at Rio Americana's High School is that "knock at the door" that all dread...a death notification our Chaplains of Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento (LEC-S) deliver, at 1:55 am or 4:23 pm - these notifications are  life-changing for each family that receives this.  And, for each Chaplain who is on-call, responding to the Coroner's Office who requests this, to being with a family who has just learned from a law enforcement officer that their loved one has died, has a heavy heart.   

The E15M program brings to the famiies and students the realization that drinking and driving is lethal, and, that fatalities do touch us all. 

All who participated in this mock demonstration from emergency responders, law enforcement and LEC-S, have experienced these scenes many times over and it's this E15M Program's desire to educate our youth that choices they make today affect the outcome for the rest of their lives

This contributor's plead:  Your life brings life to us all...You not being here, diminishes each of us! 

Please DO NOT DRINK/DRIVE!  Be a friend to one who has had a drink....DO NOT let this person drive....we have a commitment to others, each and every one of us, no matter our age, to be consicous of our actions, and remember, we will live with the consequences, good or bad, the rest of our lives!  

This contributor is so proud of all students who participated in E15M Program at Rio Americana...you touched the lives of many and hopefully, saved a life, with your commitment! 

Happy Holidays and be safe!   

Thank you,

Lisa O'Hara, Contributor

Community, Family, Life

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