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A+ Customer Service At Macy's Downtown Sacramento | Business

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A+ Customer Service At Macy's Downtown Sacramento
A+ Customer Service At Macy's Downtown Sacramento

Sacramento -- As a woman who loves to shop, I often experience less than enthusiastic sales people -- especially during a holiday sale! That's why the effort by an executive at Macy's in downtown Sacramento deserves my thanks for going the extra mile to help me during the recent Presidents' Day Sale. When an advertised toaster oven resulted in a sell-out, Macy's executive "Rob" promised to contact other Macy store locations to, hopefully, find this toaster oven at a generously-discounted price. I told Rob my old toaster oven (a wedding gift in 1974) is "sparking" while in use. Clearly, I need a new toaster oven before my garlic bread turns into a camp fire. Even though Rob promised to find me the advertised toaster oven, I assumed that once I'm out of sight that I'd also be out of Rob's mind. Two days later, Rob called saying he located the out-of-stock toaster oven! Amazingly, Rob wants me to be a happy Macy's shopper. He succeeded. While finding the advertised toaster oven may not be "The Miracle On 34th Street," Rob is certainly a shining star in Macy's galaxy of stores.

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