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Money Mindset 101
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Money Mindset 101

What makes your money mind work?.  Do you have trouble talking about money with your partner? Are you comfortable with discussing investments? Do you bite your bottom lip when someone says lets go out to coffee/lunch, instead saying I don’t have money for that this week, you say I don’t feel well or make up an excuse for not going out with the girls. 

I have something for you. Your Money Mindset Thermostat. 

Learn what your Money Mindset Thermostat says about you.

The Zones

  • The Caution Zone, Well, Maybe I will invest.
  • The Comfort Zone, I ‘m good-I could learn more, But
  • The Action Zone, I take action with my finances. I am ready for every situation.

Whatever your zone, this money mindset workshop will give insight on how you view and feel about finances.

With your investment of $99 receive one FREE Raffle ticket to win FREE entrance into the Powering Through My Finances VIP Day April 23, 2016. A $997 Value.

Your Money Mindset will propel you to a NEW Financial Level. 

Register Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/money-mindset-101-tickets-19245145749

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